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Welcome To Chapter G
Fort Collins, CO.
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Name Position Phone E-Mail
Steve & Inez Scholbrock Chapter Director
Joyce & Rick Elmore Assist. Director
Mark & Connie Thornton Couple of the Year    
Mark Thornton Newsletter Editor
Vicky Kirk Treasurer    
Hugh Curley Rider Educator
Gina Curley Motorist Awareness    
Inez Scholbrock Membership Coord.
Connie Thorton Activity Coordinator
Fran Williamson Sunshine Coord.  
Steve Scholbrock Webmaster
Dan Kirk Store Keeper    
Meeting Place:      
Johnson's Corners Restaurant @ 8:00AM Meeting @ 8:30AM - 3rd Saturday
Come visit us at Johnson's Corners Restaurant. Please enter by the North door.
The Restaurant is located @ I-25 and Exit 254
Please check District Calender for February, June, August & October.