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Welcome To Chapter I
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Map to Chapter I meeting place

Name Position Phone E-Mail
Steve & Jacque Callicott Chapter Director 719-481-6082
Don & Jackie Lacasse Assist. Director 719-447-5251
Earl Edwards Rider Educator 719-459-2426
Jim & Olga Wyman Assist. Rider Educator    
Bill Sherberger Motor Awareness
Olga Wyman Newsletter Editor 719-322-4497
Claude & Nancy
Membership Enhancement 719-310-1198
Doug Irish Treasurer
Marilyn Irish
Nancy Lockhart
Sunshine Coord.
Jeannie Bondurant Store
Marsha Curry
Nancy Lockhart
Laurie Cruzan
Community Service Coordinator
Everyone send pictures Photographer
Nancy Lockhart Phone tree Coordinator
Laurie Cruzan Historian & Scrapbook
Glenn Goode Webmaster
Cliff & Myra Childs Couple of the Year    
Joe Carlson Individual of the Year    
Meeting Place;
Holy Cross-Lutheran Church 4125 Constitution Ave. 1st Saturday 8:30 AM