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Welcome To Chapter L
Lakewood, Colorado
Map to Chapter L's meeting place

Name Position Phone E-Mail
Tami & Steve Bender Chapter Director
Chuck Bellmyer Assist. Director 303-532-6630
Andy Smith Rider Educator 303-923-8342
Sherry Smith Motorist Awareness Coord 303-923-8342
Randall Drake Newsletter Editor
Fred & Linda Fisher Treasurer
Becky Ackerman Ride Coordinator 303-988-0413
Mike Ackerman Membership Enhancement 303-988-0413
Janet Drake Ride Book Editor 303-933-6073
Ralph Spencer Greeter 303-975-0175
Fred & Linda Fisher Storekeeper    
Fred & Linda Fisher Couple of the Year    
Chuck Bellmyer Individual of the Year
Stan Smetana Web Master
Kenny & Lis Simons Coffee Maker Extraordinaire    
Meeting Place;      
Clements Community Center 1580 Yarrow Ave. 1st Monday 7:00PM
Come Visit us at the Clements Community Center on the 1st Monday.